Accident Attorney Houston

Accident Attorney Houston

James Lassiter at Lassiter Law Firm is a leading accident attorney in Houston with over 26 years of experience. James has helped numerous personal injury victims seek the justice and compensation that they deserve with his unsurpassed legal representation and impeccable negotiation skills.

How do I determine liability in an accident claim?

As a rule of thumb, the person carrying the most blame for the accident must pay the other party to the extent of his fault. Liability for all accidents follow one or more of these propositions:

  1. If the accident’s circumstances are such that you, as a victim, could have prevented the outcome, the other driver involved in the crash may not be liable as he/she will have no “duty” to be careful toward you.
  2. If you were careless, the court can apply the law of comparative negligence and reduce your compensation according to your carelessness’ extent.
  3. If the other driver causes an accident while working for an entity or another party, their employer becomes legally liable for your injuries and losses.

Besides, if your accident occurs due to a poorly built or maintained property, its owner becomes liable. Make sure to hire an experienced accident attorney in Houston to help you determine liability and make sure you get all your case’s specifics straight.

What happens if more than one person is at fault for an accident?

If an accident occurs because of several drivers’ carelessness, the law can hold any one of the parties responsible for all your losses and injuries. In some cases, the responsible parties decide among themselves who should reimburse the others.

If your accident involves multiple careless drivers/parties, it leaves you with several advantages as the plaintiff. If one of the drivers is insured and the other is not, you can file a claim against the insured driver. Even if both drivers have insurance, you will receive compensation from only one insurance company. Speak to an attorney to help you determine the responsible parties for your accident and help you pursue your claim accordingly.

Benefits of hiring an accident attorney

Hiring an accident lawyer can prove beneficial in a lot of ways. They possess the experience to help you navigate the legal process. An attorney can assess your claim’s specifics and value, negotiate with the insurance adjuster, and ensure the optimal compensation for your injuries and losses.

Besides, an accident lawyer can use his/her team and gather valuable evidence. Should your case reach trial, they can use their experience and defend your rights. More importantly, they can help determine fault and build a strong case in your favor as you take the time to heal from your injuries.

Call 713-521-0104 to speak to James Lassiter at Lassiter Law Firm. James is a top-rated accident attorney in Houston with a proven track record and hundreds of positive reviews from past clients. Get in touch with us now to optimize your chances of receiving a favorable case outcome.

Accident Attorney Houston