Bankruptcy Attorney Bay Area

bankruptcy attorney bay area

We are frequently asked the same questions over the years about our bankruptcy attorneys in San Francisco. That’s why we’ve decided to provide basic information on some of the most common questions we are asked about our bankruptcy attorneys in San Francisco.

Why do I need a bankruptcy attorney in Bay Area?

It is never a wise decision to represent yourself in a legal matter. Therefore, we advise you to hire an attorney if you’re involved in a bankruptcy case because it is human nature to become too emotional when engaged in your own case.

Do you charge for consultation visit?

No. At Brooks Law Office, your initial consultations are free when you visit us.

Will my creditor stop calling me?

Yes. Your creditors are prohibited from contacting you when you file a case with us.

Will filing bankruptcy case affect my job?

No. Employers in the United States are not allowed to discriminate against an employee in debt and file a bankruptcy case.

Are there debts bankruptcy cannot discharge?

Yes. Before filing a bankruptcy case, you must tell us about all of your debts. We’ll advise you of whether a debt is dischargeable or not.

Can I keep my vehicle or home?

You can keep your vehicles and home if you can pay your debt. Remember that Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Francisco is a liquidation. Meanwhile, your cars or house would be subject to sale by the Chapter 7 trustee if the equity were higher than the amount you could exempt.

How long will a bankruptcy filing affect my credit report?

A bankruptcy filing can have an impact on your credit report for up to ten years.

Can bankruptcy case remove liens on my property?

This depends on the value of the collateral securing the lien and the type of bankruptcy filed. If liens are judgment liens, there is enough exemption to cover the collateral value to which the liens are attached.

Is there any certain amount of debt you must have to qualify for bankruptcy?

No. Filing a bankruptcy case is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly.

Is there any certain to file a bankruptcy case?

While there is no age limit to file a bankruptcy case, you have to reach the age of the majority. However, there no reason for anyone below the age of majority to file a bankruptcy case since minors generally can’t incur debt.

I share bills with my fiancé, can we file bankruptcy together?

No. Only married partners are allowed to file a joint petition.

Can I file a bankruptcy case without my spouse?

Yes. The spouse’s income will be considered for the bankruptcy case if you and your spouse live together.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Bay Area