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The benefits of prescription drugs depend on the performance of the staff who process them and deal with patients. Too often, pharmacies and hospitals make errors that do serious harm to patients. If this has happened to you, trust The Law Offices of David L. Hood to manage your claim. If our investigation shows that an error was made, we are prepared to fight aggressively for the outcome you deserve!

What is pharmacy malpractice in South Carolina?

Medical malpractice is performance of a task at a substandard level that causes harm to a patient. It can occur when a mistake happens that a reasonably well-trained and careful professional would not have made. The mistake must be the direct cause of harm to the patient. To show pharmacy malpractice, an injured patient should have evidence of a mistake in filling the script. Also, providing inadequate warning to the patient about side effects may be malpractice. In other settings, it can occur when staff, like a nurse, makes a careless mistake in giving a drug.

Pharmacy malpractice is a serious problem across America, injuring more than 1.3 million people and killing almost 100,000 annually. Hospitals report that about three percent of admissions are due to problems with medication. In addition, another three percent of hospital patients suffer injuries from medication mistakes while hospitalized. This causes them to extend their stay by an average of eight to 12 days. Estimates put the cost of medication errors at over $29 billion per year and as high as $72 billion.

Common examples of pharmacy malpractice

  • Giving the wrong drug or wrong dose — These mistakes constitute about 70 percent of all malpractice claims against pharmacies.
  • Giving the wrong quantity
  • Giving the wrong directions
  • Failing to warn of possible reactions
  • Filling an incorrect prescription
  • Failing to note dangerous drug interactions
  • Improperly storing medications

Many errors result from personal and institutional sloppiness. Understaffed pharmacies and hospitals put pressure on employees to handle too great a volume of work. Communication problems, from poor handwriting to dependence on outdated technology, also cause preventable errors. Proving malpractice by a pharmacy or hospital is tough and takes the right kind of experts and lawyers. Our firm has the knowhow, contacts and resolve to prosecute your case fully and achieve the results you deserve.

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