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Our 36 W. Liberty location is conveniently located in downtown Sumter in the Sumter Item building.

Medical Malpractice

Sometimes people make mistakes-or the care you or a loved one results in death or serious injury. These cases require experts and we and our co-counsel know where to find them. Why not contact our office today for a free consult? Time is critical in these cases, so take action today!

Medication Errors

Have you or a family member been prescribed, filled or administered the wrong medication? Did it result in catastrophic injuries or death? You need to contact your medication errors attorney and prescription error lawyer. Call The Law Offices of David L. Hood for your free initial consult today!

Wrongful Death

Bad things can happen to good people. There’s not much more tragic than when someone causes the death of a loved one. You may need an accident reconstructionist, engineer, medical or other experts to get the best results for your family. It’s important to act quickly before the evidence disappears. Contact our office today for your free consultation!

Mesothelioma Litigation

Have you received the bad news- a Meso diagnosis? The time to take action is now. You need to make sure your lawyers know the best jurisdiction to file your case in. They also should be available to meet with you and your loved ones, so you know you’ll be treated with respect by your legal team. Our goal is simply (along with our co-counsel) to put together the best possible case for you. Call now for your free consult!

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car, truck, pedestrian, bike or bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries or even deaths. If you or a family member were the victims of one of these accidents, take action today! Wind and rain blow and wash away evidence at the accident scene, so it’s important to get experts there as soon as possible. Call us today for your free initial consultation!

Truck Accidents

Sometimes due to exhaustion, overwork or poor maintenance, trucks accidentally kill. In South Carolina, truck accidents cause the deaths of roughly 60 people and over 900 serious injuries every year.

Don’t let you or your family be victims- take action today! Our legal team uses experts like accident reconstructionists, engineer’s and medical cost projectionists to work to ensure that you get the recovery you deserve. Call today for a free consult!

Workers Compensation

Hurt on the job and getting the run around? Your employer or the adjuster ignoring you? Take action today!

You may be entitled to a weekly check, your medical bills paid, mileage and a settlement at the end of your case. If you’re not getting treated right, it’s time to call The Law Offices of David L. Hood!

Social Security Disability

Over age 55, worked your whole life, disabled, but Social Security’s denied you? It’s time to call a lawyer who has over 30 years’ experience fighting the Social Security Administration. Don’t give up- have attorney David Hood and his team file your appeal today!

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