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Medical Malpractice

Have you ever heard the saying that sometimes “bad things happen to good people.” When medical malpractice is committed, it can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. If you or a family member have been the victim of medical malpractice, it’s important to get the medical records as soon as possible. You want to do this on the “down low” so none of the records accidently hit the shredder. Then it’s key to get an expert to review all the records to see if they can sign an affidavit swearing that they believe medical malpractice was committed. This is critical in order to file suit. If you have any questions, call The Law Offices of David L. Hood for your free initial consult today!

Medication Errors

Has the improper prescription been prescribed, filled, or given to you or a member of your family? Was there major damage or loss of life as a result? Obtain the services of a lawyer who specializes in cases involving medicine and prescription errors immediately. Get a free consultation by calling David L. Hood right now.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, when you go to the hospital in Spartanburg or Greenville sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it involves the delivery of your baby, surgery, or improper care, the results can be catastrophic. Whenever a death is involved, it’s a good idea to move quickly and get all your medical records as soon as possible. Then get them to an expert to review. Hopefully, he or she can issue an opinion swearing that they believe medical malpractice was committed under South Carolina Law. This allows you to file a lawsuit. If you have any questions, contact The Law Offices of David L. Hood today!

Mesothelioma Litigation

Meso is devastating, so it’s important to choose the right legal team to maximize your recovery. They should carefully analyze your work history to identify all the potential defendants and then find the best possible jurisdiction to file your lawsuit in. A lawyer should meet with you and keep you updated on your case. If you have questions or just want to speak to a local attorney about your case, call The Law Offices. David L. Hood today! Your initial consultation is always free.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Catastrophic motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Spartanburg County. Whether you’re riding a bicycle, walking, or in your car or truck, the roads and drivers can be dangerous. If you’re a victim of a serious collision it’s important to have the scene carefully investigated by an accident reconstructionist before crucial evidence is washed or blown away. If you would like help getting the right experts for your case, call The Law Offices of David L. Hood today!

Truck Accidents

A fully loaded 18-wheeler weighs roughly 80,000 pounds. When that kind of weight hits a car, SUV or smaller truck, the impact can be devastating or deadly. It’s important to get all the facts, including the trucks’ maintenance logs, the amount of time the truck driver had been driving and whether or not he was under the influence of anything (including prescriptions) which would have affected his driving. If you have any questions about these or any other issues that might impact your case, call The Law Offices of David L. Hood today for your free initial consultation!

Workers Compensation

People get hurt every day on the job in Spartanburg County. Unfortunately, sometimes their employer or the Workers’ Comp insurance adjuster doesn’t treat them right. It could be anything from not getting the proper medical care to not receiving their weekly check when they’re out of work. If this sounds like you, call The Law Offices of David L. Hood today for your free initial consult!

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