Wrongful Death Attorney

Do you need a wrongful death lawyer in South Carolina? Why not hire an attorney who covers the entire state of South Carolina, so you don’t have to worry about “home cooking”? Why not hire a lawyer who gets experts from across the country who are tops in their fields? Doesn’t your family deserve that kind of no-nonsense representation?

These are extremely difficult, emotional and financially draining times. Let the Law Offices of David L. Hood get justice for you, so you have time to heal. Attorney Hood has been taking the bad guys to court for over 30 years. Our approach is to identify everything you may be entitled to recover including medical bills, lost wages, long term care, punitive damages and pain and suffering.

In South Carolina, the people closest to the victim typically file the lawsuit. It’s normally the deceased’s spouse, then the minor children, then the adult children and finally, the deceased’s parents.

During this very tough time, why not contact the caring people at The Law Offices of David L. Hood to find out the best way to move forward, so you can focus on healing and leave the litigation to us? If you need answers, we’d be happy to listen and answer your questions, and there’s never a fee for an initial consultation.

Take care and best wishes, The Law Offices of David L. Hood.