Workers Compensation: The Basics Part 1
Today, Attorney David L. Hood and his assistant, Tracey, talk about the basics of Workers Compensation, answering common questions someone might ask during the application process.
Workers’ Compensation: The Basics Part 2
Today, David Hood discusses some more common questions one might have while trying to file for workers’ compensation.
Pharmacy Malpractice Explained
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How Common is Pharmacy Malpractice?
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Is the Pharmacist Required to Speak With Me?
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What If a Drug is Overprescribed?
Attorney David L. Hood talks about the abuse and misuse of prescriptions.
What Information is a Pharmacy Responsible for Gathering?
Attorney David L. Hood explains what information a pharmacy is responsible for gathering.
Can I Get Social Security and Disability at the Same Time?
In this video, attorney David L. Hood on Legal Access discusses attaining social security and disability at the same time.
Can I Get Medicare If I Am On Social Security Disability?
In this video, attorney David L. Hood on Legal Access discusses attaining Medicare if you are on social security disability.