Motor Vehicle Accidents

South Carolina – The Most Dangerous Place to Drive

1.35 million people are killed every year in traffic accidents around the world. In the United States, there were 36,560 deaths resulting from car accidents in 2018. ( Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for Americans ages 1 through 54. (

Today’s automobiles are smarter and safer than ever, due to advanced safety technology in the last couple of decades. However, because of increasing driver error and carelessness, traffic fatalities have only decreased by 1% in the last three years.

“According to CNBC, ‘Experts suggest driving hazards such as texting while driving and higher speed limits are offsetting the benefits of safety systems like automatic emergency braking and increased seat belt usage.’” (

A 2020 study analyzing “the worst states for traffic-related fatalities, the lives lost in each state, and each’s best and worst categories,” reported that South Carolina had the most traffic deaths per 100 million miles driven, of any state in the US for three consecutive years, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Here are the Palmetto State’s traffic death rates for those three years:

2016 – Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.65 (ranked 1st place in the US)

2017 – Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.86 (ranked 1st place in the US)

2018 – Deaths per 100 million miles: 1.86 (ranked 1st place in the US)

Every one of these fatalities could have been prevented. “It’s easy to blame drunk drivers, lax laws, or dangerous roads…but just one mistake made by YOU can” cause a loss of life. (

“Model safe driving for your family and others on the road around you. Do everything in your power to keep our roads safe and save lives.” (

For driving safety tips, please go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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