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‘Zoom Zombies’ Behind the Wheel

So much has changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have all been forced to use our phones and computers more, whether for purchasing goods online, virtually visiting friends and relatives, or virtually meeting with business associates and/or clients. Social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions have given rise to Zoom becoming one of the most popular apps.

Could “our dependence on Zoom and other video chat software…be turning us into bad drivers?” ( Increased screen usage and reliance on technology is turning some drivers into “Zoom Zombies”, causing distracted zoning-out.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has warned that “risky driving and fatal crashes have risen sharply” in the last year, despite Americans driving less. (

“A new study by Root Insurance found 54 percent of the 1,819 American adult motorists surveyed said they have had trouble concentrating on the road after videoconferences.” ( This survey was taken between March 12th and March 17th, and involved drivers aged 18 and above. See the online report here.

Russ Rader, an official with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said, “There’s the risk of cognitive distraction, looking at the road while your thoughts are elsewhere. That zoning out may mean you don’t notice a dangerous situation soon enough to react.” (

According to the Root Insurance report, South Carolina has the most distracted drivers out of the 29 states surveyed, with 21.91 distracted driver events per 100 miles. These events can be avoided.

How can you prevent distracted driving?

  • When you get in the driver’s seat, commit to focus fully on driving, and to avoid distractions.
  • Never attempt to multi-task while driving. Ask a passenger for help, or pull over to perform other tasks, like changing a CD or updating directions on the GPS.
  • Silence or store your cell phone out of reach so that you’re not tempted to look at it or use it while driving.
  • Adjust seats, mirrors, headrest, seat belt, etc. before getting on the road.
  • As a passenger, discourage distracted driving, and help when needed.



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